October 19, 2018 | Jeffrey Hoffman 

Mastering technique… and the art of movement.

What separates dancers who have mastered technique, from those who have mastered the art of movement is clear. Movement mastery requires that dancers couple their technical training with control, strength, and artistry.

With technical expertise comes a refinement that allows dancers to speak clearly and eloquently through their movement, but it’s not enough. A dancer must learn to express themselves through these movements versus mastering the steps themselves. Think of technique as the vocabulary and grammar that you in need in order to properly formulate a sentence. Similar to the tone or resonance of your voice, a dancer must understand how to layer their artistry with their movement and technique in order to be seen, as an orator who uses intonation to evoke emotion within their audience.

A technically well-trained dancer who has learned how to express their movement with attention to detail adds beauty and power to any style of dancing. More often than not dancers are more focused on learning steps versus strengthening their vocabulary which will allow them to convey a much richer and attention-grabbing story or feeling when they dance. For example, when you are practicing a petite allegro, small quick movements will strengthen smaller muscle groups giving you access to more power, versatility, control, and endurance. With intentional practice and training that focuses on mastering the fundamentals (through your regular training regimen and also intensives), you have an opportunity to really dig into your technical vocabulary and core movements that are not only physically challenging, but that will elevate everything else that you are doing when you move.

So whether you are a competitive dancer, concert dancer, aspiring choreographer, or looking to land that audition, the success of your dance career depends on mastering these fundamentals if you want to stand out. Intense training that supports you in mastering the essential technical building blocks of every dance genre will help build a much more compelling dancer. The dance becomes more memorable because the audience sees the dance expressed with such nuance and intention. It’s been said that technical expertise and mastery brings true freedom because dancers have more tools at their disposal to express themselves, and are not limited by lack of strength, power, or technical ability to master precise movements with ease. When a dancer masters fundamental technique and knows the ‘rules’ they can choose when and where to break them. Knowing when they are going outside the ‘rules’ brings an intentionality to the movement being created and brings these dancers who have taken the time to master  the basics to the forefront when dancing among a group of dancers who lack the same So if you are looking to stand out, join us for our upcoming intensives. Check out our upcoming events here.