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Getting into your dream school and finding the dream job of your future can feel overwhelming. We are ready to help by breaking down the process into easy-to-understand, manageable steps. Get guidance and support from experts to help you kill that college or summer intensive audition, or prepare a stellar portfolio for your application. Our workshops will help you be properly prepared by demystifying a process that can be daunting. 


*Intermediate & Advanced Dancers from 5th to 12th grade, and their parents, are encouraged to enroll.

An Overview of the Topics Covered During Our Workshops and College and Career Prep Consultations

Everything students and parents need in order to properly prepare for college, summer intensives, make good preparatory training and educational decisions, and better understand all of your options . We offer workshops throughout the year and provide guidance to parents and students during our programs like the Preprofessional Dancer Institute, as well as through our college and career prep individual consultations. While this is not a complete list, our college and career prep subject matter encompasses the following:

Making Good Choices for Your Training

Parents & Students

How to ensure you are making the right choices in the many years leading up to applying for college.



It's important to have advocates for you throughout your dance career. We'll show you how to cultivate mentors that will also become exceptional references.

What to Expect
at Auditions


Key things to consider in terms of what schools are looking for when reviewing candidates who audition.

How to Find Music for the Solo Piece

Parents & Students

Have you ever watched "American Idol?" As Simon used to say, song selection is everything.

Photo and Video Requirements

Parents & Students

Instagram photos won't cut it. You'll need a carefully curated portfolio of photos and videos if you want to make a good impression.

Prepare for

Parents & Students

Being well prepared can make all the difference, and the folks making the final decisions will take notice, too. Understand the process and win!

How to Prepare a
Strong Resume

Parents & Students

Stand out above the other applicants by putting together a stellar resume. Start building your resume now.

Decisions: Making the Best Choice

Parents & Students

When you have options, making a decision can be difficult. We'll provide some perspective on what to consider when making your final decision on your college dance program.


Parents & Students

If you can't afford the school of your dreams, apply anyway. There are all sorts of grants, scholarships and loans out there. We'll provide some insights on where to find them.

Understanding the Application Process

Parents & Students

Don't let your nerves get the best of you. We'll give you some insight on the application process so that you know what to expect, and how to prepare for the best outcomes.


Parents & Students

How to make the most of campus visits: what to look for, who to speak to when looking at different dance programs and their offerings.


Parents & Students

When it comes time to submit your application materials, there are some things that you will want to consider that will make all the difference.

Financial Aid


There are many options in terms of financing college. There are some options you may not be aware of, so your student can apply for the school based on their goals and not finances alone.


Julie Rose Friedrich (she/her)

Associate Director for College and Career Programs 

Francisco Gella Dance Works

Ballet, Composition

Julie Rose Friedrich (she/her)

Associate Director for College and Career Programs 

Francisco Gella Dance Works

Ballet, Composition

Julie Friedrich’s created and led the college seminar program for over ten years at two premiere arts high schools in California; the Orange County School of the Arts, and the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. The overwhelming success of her efforts led Francisco Gella Dance Works to add the program to its roster of offerings in 2017. Under the mentorship and guidance of Julie, her students have gone on to study at such schools as USC Kaufman, Juilliard, Boston Conservatory, NYU Tisch, Laban School, and the University of Michigan. In 2013, President Obama and the White House named Julie one of the most influential art teachers in the country for her mentorship of young dancers and her work with numerous winners of the Young Arts Competition.

Our Students Have Gone on to Pursue Their Dreams...

…and have been accepted into educational institutions, including:

  • Juilliard
  • USC - Kaufman School
  • SUNY Purchase
  • Dominican University/LINES Ballet
  • University of Arizona
  • UCLA
  • Laban School
  • Fordham University/Ailey
  • University of Michigan
  • Marymount Manhattan
  • NYU Tisch
  • Pace University
  • Cal State Long Beach
  • Cornish College
  • University of California-Irvine
  • Chapman University
  • Point Park University
  • Laban School
  • North Carolina School of the Arts
  • Cal Arts
  • Boston Conservatory
  • Rambert School
  • University of Washington
  • Arts Umbrella
  • University of Utah
  • Johns Hopkins University - The Peabody School

…and others have gone on to perform and train with professional companies, including:

  • Hubbard Street Dance
  • Nederlands Dans Theatre
  • Batsheva
  • Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
  • Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
  • Charlotte Ballet
  • Richmond Ballet
  • Trisha Brown Dance
  • Arts Umbrella
  • American Dance Festival
  • Jacob’s Pillow
  • Springboard
  • Complexions Contemporary Ballet
  • Royal Ballet School
  • Alvin Ailey
  • Ballet Hispanico
  • Ballet BC
  • SALT Contemporary Dance

Joan Myers Brown Equity Dance Scholarship Fund

A limited amount of scholarships are available for especially deserving dancers. Scholarships will be allocated according to the combined consideration of both merit and financial need. Decisions on scholarships will be made a few weeks after each deadline. Since a  limited amount of scholarship awards will be offered, it is better to apply by the early deadline. Please click below to learn more about this opportunity and to apply.


Early Deadline for Summer Programs

1st round review and priority in awarding scholarships


Late Deadline for Summer Programs

2nd round review and awarded from any remaining scholarship funds


Early Deadline for Fall Programs

1st round review and priority in awarding scholarships


Late Deadline for Fall Programs

2nd round review and awarded from any remaining scholarship funds

Please note that this scholarship opportunity is only eligible for the workshops themselves and not the individual consultations.

Upcoming College and Career Prep Virtual Workshops

The Spring 2024: College Planning and Prep Workshops 

Join us for 3 very timely and insightful conversations on topics highly relevant to you right now.

Workshop 1 – The Final Decision: Making the Best Decision for YOU


Sunday: April 7th, 2024
3-4:30pm Pacific/6-7:30pm Eastern

  • 90 minute facilitated panel discussion with Q&A
  • Recommended for seniors in high school who are in the process of weighing offers and committing to a school. Anyone of any age is welcome to sit in and listen.
  • Parents/Guardians/Advocates are strongly encouraged to attend with their student.
  • Video recording will be available for two weeks after the end of the workshop to those who registered.

The big moment has finally arrived.

It’s been months, probably years, that you’ve spent preparing for this moment. When all of the work you’ve put into preparing to get into college comes down to choosing between the offers of admission you have in front of you. This session will provide critical guidance to get to your ‘yes’. You’ll get to meet parent and student alumni of Francisco Gella Dance Works programs who will share their insight and experiences. They’ll share how they made a final decision on which college dance program to attend - one of the most important (and stressful) decisions for a high school senior. Come prepared with all of your questions for our panel and walk away with information you’ll need to make your final decision.

We will address the following factors to assist you in your final decision:

  • How to decide where I will attend
  • Analyzing incoming offers of admission
  • Financial Aid Offers
  • How to properly say no and turn down an offer
  • Inside knowledge from our panel on certain programs
  • Why a final campus visit can be important
  • Weighing the pros and cons of each school
  • Getting to the place of feeling good about your decision

Workshop 2 – College Prep 101: A Crash Course


Sunday, April 14th 2024
3-4:30pm Pacific/6-7:30pm Eastern

  • 60 minute presentation
  • 30 minute guided Q&A
  • Recommended for young intermediate & advanced dancers from 5th to 10th grade who have limited knowledge of the collegiate process, and older high school students as well as gap year students who are getting a late start.
  • Parents/Guardians/Advocates are strongly encouraged to attend with their student.
  • Video recording will be available for two weeks after end of workshop to those who registered.

Spring might just be the best time to get a head start, or to catch up! This broad overview will equip parents and students with the tools and knowledge they need to empower themselves in the collegiate journey. A jam packed session covering everything you ever wanted and needed to know about pursuing dance in college. A 90 minute session covering everything collegiate from A to Z. We have taken all of our college sessions and combined them to give parents and students an overview on every aspect of the collegiate process and the preparation.

If you find yourself behind or starting from the very beginning, this workshop is the ideal starting place.

  • What is an artist portfolio? How soon should I begin gathering information for my portfolio?
  • BFA vs BA
  • Course offerings found in college
  • How much do academics play a role in admissions?
  • Sat/ACT, is it needed?
  • How to access financial aid
  • Why dancing in College matters
  • Will a dance degree serve me inside and outside of dance?
  • Factors to take into consideration when creating my list
  • How many schools should I have on my list?
  • What is an arts supplement?
  • How do I identify the summer dance programs that will best prepare me for college?
  • How to best set myself up for success.

Workshop 3 - The Key to Success: Customizing a Dance Plan Tailored to Your Individuality


Sunday, April 21st 2024

  • 45 minutes presentation
  • 45 minutes guided Q&A
  • Designed especially for our high school dancers and families. Recommended for intermediate & advanced dancers from 9th - 12th grades but all dancers ages 5th grade and up who are interested in the topic are invited to participate.
  • Parents/Guardians/Advocates are strongly encouraged to attend with their student.
  • Video recording will be available for two weeks after the end of the workshop to those who registered.

The best guarantee of your own future career success is being true to your own goals, personality and interests. Trying to be like someone else and following their path won’t get you to where you want to be.

By learning more about yourself as a person - what you like and dislike, what is most important to you and what is not - you’ll be equipped to shape your future dance goals, and your training program selection. During the workshop, we will share a list of questions that will help clarify and alleviate confusion or frustration as you weigh many possibilities and prepare to make many consequential decisions. Our goal is to help dancers learn how to make decisions that will serve them both personally and professionally. These skills will be beneficial in preparing students for success in life and dance!

We will cover the following topics and issues with emphasis on applying them to your own identity, goals, and needs:

  • How to figure out what you want in your future
  • How to better learn who I am and what is important to me
  • What programs, training, and knowledge is essential to my success as I define it?
  • Preparation for summer programs
  • What to look for in a summer program
  • What programs will best serve me and my needs?
  • What to look for in a year-round training program
  • What styles should I be studying year-round?
  • How to approach the audition process
  • How to film specific auditions including pre-screen and summer intensives

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No refunds will be issued for registered participants. A credit that can be used toward another workshop(s) or Francisco Gella Dance Works intensive will be issued if a cancellations is made up to 14 days days prior to the start of the program.

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: No refunds will be issued for registered participants. However, you may use the payment made as a credit toward a rescheduled appointment if the change is made before the originally scheduled appointment or toward one of our College Prep Workshops. Appointments may be rescheduled if you contact the consultant more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before it is to take place or are a no-show,, you will still be charged for that time.

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