August 12, 2018 | Jeffrey Hoffman 

Don’t leave your future to chance… College is THAT important.

One of the most important components of preparing for a career in dance is to demonstrate the ability to set yourself apart from the crowd. This ability is expressed in who you are as a dancer but it is also developed within your learning environment. It may seem like there is always time to get ready for college but dancers who are serious about preparing for their future, start planning for this process as early as 7th grade. While it’s a common thought for some dancers to think they don’t need college, a fantastic way to get your foot into more doors – and to prepare for a long and sustainable career – is to obtain a college degree. 

Our team of expert mentors at Francisco Gella Dance Works crafted a free tool to help you get started today: College Prep Readiness Checklist

Obtaining a college degree displays that you can personally and artistically commit to a desired course of action and succeed in reaching a intentional outcome. The ability to address issues and the maturity to resolve them is a benefit of attending college and one that is essential to many of the most successful dancers in the world. It’s crucial to understand that there is a whole world to explore outside of just dance studios and stages, therefore understanding the college application process can be a life changing tool for many young aspiring dancers.

We want to share  our knowledge and wisdom in as many forms as possible.

We are thrilled to support student dancers with The College Prep Workshops this fall; 5-hour, nuts-and-bolts workshops that will give you everything you need to feel confident about how you’ll need to prepare for a reputable dance program and what you’ll need to do for the college admission process. These workshops are designed specifically with dancers in mind because applying to be admitted into a college dance program is different than applying to study other majors. Knowing how the process and expectations are different will give you an edge. At The College Prep Workshops you will get support with the various and often daunting college preparation and application processes so you can be in the best position to attend the dance program  of your dreams! Register for a College Prep Workshop in a city near you:

  • The Huntsville Workshop, The Heidi Knight School of Dance
    • September 22, 2018, 8:30am – 1:00pm
  • The Fresno Workshop, The Dance Studio of Fresno
    • September 29, 2018, 3:00pm – 8:00pm
  • The Southern California Workshop, The Orange County School of the Arts
    • October 6, 2018, 3:30pm – 8:30pm
  • The Seattle Workshop, The Cornish College of the Arts
    • October 14, 2018, 3:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Individual Consultations, Available in every city during workshops
    • Register for a one-on-one consultation specifically catered to your student’s goals. Register for this session, along with your workshop registration and we will contact you to confirm a time with you and your student.

The knowledge we’re sharing comes from the experience of our mentors at the Francisco Gella Dance Works team. The  College Prep Workshops are led by our Associate Director for College and Career Preparation, Julie Friedrich. Julie is a leader in her field  having created and led the college seminar program for over ten years at two premiere arts high schools in the United States – Los Angeles County HIghs School for the Arts and Orange County School of the Arts. In  2013 President Obama and the White House named Julie one of the most influential arts teachers in the country as part of the U.S. Presidential Scholars for the Arts program.. Under the proven mentorship and guidance of Julie,  students have gone on to study at preeminent schools and dance programs such as; USC Kaufman, Juilliard, Boston Conservatory, NYU Tisch, Laban School, UC Irvine, SUNY Purchase, Cal Arts, Dominican University/LINES, and University of Michigan.

Still Feeling Overwhelmed with the College Application Process?

Getting the best information helps you feel confident in your future. While there are no shortcuts to this process and it is important to be prepared, we at Francisco Gella Dance Works understand how overwhelming the college application and audition process can be for many students and their parents. Sign-up to learn more about The College Prep Workshops and receive our College Prep Readiness Checklist listing items you and your parents can start collecting as early as seventh grade!