November 18, 2015 | Jeffrey Hoffman 

Many of the greatest artists throughout history were not discovered one day and judged to be successful the next. Most struggled, some until the very end of their life. They really knew struggle. In some ways it defined their life and informed the brilliant work that they created. It has been said that if you haven’t struggled for it, you don’t appreciate it in the same way. Based on my own life experience, I agree.

Time is the ultimate judge of greatness. So if you have a true love for dance, or whatever it is that breathes life into your soul and makes your heart beat faster, give it everything you have and share it, no matter the size of your audience. If you have inspired even one, you have used your gift, and you’ve made a contribution to a world that needs you. And if you give your gift generously, you will likely impact multitudes over time, receiving far more than you ever gave.

One of the greatest myths of our time is that if don’t ‘make it’ early or instantly, you won’t at all. NOTHING could be farther from the truth. Follow it, live it, share it. Everything that is worthwhile is worth waiting for.