November 6, 2015 | Jeffrey Hoffman 

Just like humanity as a whole, dance is at a crossroads.

Preserving tradition while pursuing progress is a challenge demanding our collective intellectual and spiritual energy.  Wisdom and fairness must guide us in choosing what we keep and what we change.

Concert dance (ballet, modern, and contemporary) has a rich history full of beauty but steeped in elitism. Unlike its exclusive past, dance is now popular and accessible in ways never imagined, but sometimes at the expense of the art form’s creative integrity and educational value.

The urgent task of our time, as we see it, is embracing the exciting opportunities the modern era presents, preserving and honoring dance history and its trailblazers to inform our contemporary practice, and offering opportunities that maintain a level of excellence available to any person who hungers to participate – all to usher in a sustainable future.  This is our vision. This is our purpose. This is our commitment.

This belief drives us to continue building a movement helping to shape the future for current and future generations of dancers and their audiences.  We invite you to join the conversation and engage by doing your part. Along with social media, we are excited about the launch of our new website which will connect you to our programs, events, and ideas.  The future will be determined by what we do today.

Choose and act wisely.