May 6, 2018 | Jeffrey Hoffman 

I see a lot while I’m traveling and I get a lot of notes from parents that concern me. A lot of dance injuries (some of them serious) are occurring that do not need to happen. This is a plea to please treat young bodies with the care they deserve. Get the proper training from knowledgable teachers and don’t encourage things on stage or in the studio that the body is not trained to do. You have plenty of time. Don’t rush it.

If you do have a serious injury, don’t jump right into surgery. First seek diagnosis from a physician, physical therapist, and coaches/trainers who understand dance injuries specifically. Based on my experience we need a LOT more education on injury prevention, proper training methodologies, developmentally appropriate choreography, and understanding of kinesthetics and anatomy.

We are the teachers and the directors entrusted with the care of these young bodies and minds. When we don’t know what we need to know, let’s seek out the knowledge from those who do. Our egos should NEVER get in the way of seeking and sharing expertise. Busy professional and personal lives should never be an excuse to not make the health of our dancers the top priority.