Weighing your options as a Preprofessional Dancer… 
Job vs College

ON-DEMAND  Webinar Discussion

with Julie Friedrich, Presenter

and Jeffrey Hoffman, Moderator

As a young dancer, you have some serious choices to make, and each choice that you make from 7th grade until you graduate is crucial. From the training that you take - to the decisions that you make regarding your dance education - you’ve got to be strategic, especially if your goal is to become a professional dancer. There are a myriad of options at your disposal when you are a young dancer, and while some roads may be more appealing than others, it’s important to understand where they lead in order to ensure that you going in the right direction.

Join us for our in-depth Q&A discussion on Weighing your options… Job vs College - with our resident expert Julie Friedrich, and CEO Jeffery Hoffman.

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