DoN'T leave your future to chance. 

Don’t fool yourself. 2020 may have been an irregular year and the next just might be too, but by this January, you’ll still need to be ready for some of the most important auditions and applications of your life.

We are ready to help. Get guidance and support from experts to help you kill that college or summer intensive audition, or prepare a stellar portfolio for your application. Our workshops will help you be properly prepared by demystifying a process that can feel overwhelming. Intermediate & Advanced Dancers from 7th to 12th grade, and their parents, are encouraged to enroll.

College and Summer

Intensive Prep Workshops

Thanksgiving Weekend: Saturday and Sunday, November 28 and 29

Presented by Francisco Gella Dance Works


In spite of how many things have changed since March, some things remain the same. You will still need to audition for college dance programs and summer intensives. Getting into your dream programs and schools will still take preparation and strategy because gaining acceptance is still fiercely competitive. Preparing and understanding the process and how to approach a high-stakes activity may be even more important now as many programs are conducting auditions virtually.  


Whether you are a seventh-grader or a senior in high school, our workshops will assist you in taking the mystery out of the process. Timely and comprehensive, we will provide the tools and the knowledge you need to be ready for success. Parents and/or mentors are invited and strongly encouraged to participate in the workshops along with the dancer. The content provided will apply to auditions and application processes for any pre-professional intensive or college dance program. 


Take one or take both workshops - they are on the same weekend. If you sign up for both you’ll receive $15 off the total cost of enrollment. 


If you are unable to make one or both LIVE, you will be able to watch the workshop on recording. 

Virtual Workshop Bundle 

‘Creating An Effective Dance Portfolio’ – Saturday, November 28th 

‘ The Audition: Preparing Properly And Understanding How To Approach It’ – Sunday, November 29th 

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Saturday, November 28

1-2:15pm Pacific/4-5:15pm Eastern

Julie Friedrich, Instructor

*Forty-five minute presentation, Thirty-minute Q&A

A dance portfolio is a critical part of your success and it pays to start building it early. When done effectively and thoughtfully, the portfolio provides a fully representative picture of who you are as a person and as an artist. In addition to the portfolio being a requirement as part of the college application process and for other programs like summer intensives, it is also important to document all of your dance training activities for your future. You will need this information in one place for many reasons. Julie will cover everything you need to know to put the portfolio together.  You’ll discuss resumes, photographs, essays, recommendation letters and your solo piece.  

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Sunday, November 29

1-2:15pm Pacific/4-5:15pm Eastern

Julie Friedrich, Instructor

*Forty-five minute presentation, Thirty-minute Q&A

You may have been through many auditions, or you might still be anticipating your first. Regardless of where you find yourself in your experience level, there are many things you need to know to do your best. Although many auditions have much in common, each one is also uniquely different. However, it is VERY likely that this year, your auditions will not be done in-person but instead on a virtual platform. So it’s even more important that you understand an audition from an insider’s view (Julie has conducted many). It will be less stressful and you’re less likely to encounter surprises that can ‘throw you for a loop.’


Julie will cover how to approach ballet and modern classes in auditions (most will require both, especially those for college). You’ll learn how to rehearse your solo piece so you’ll be at an optimum level to perform it and make the strongest impression. Nerves can be your worst enemy - Julie will help you develop strategies to counter this challenge so that you’ll be able to present your best self.  


No matter what the audition looks like, if it’s for a college audition or one for a summer program, conducted in-person or virtually, we will ensure you know what to expect. You’ll be ready physically and mentally to be successful. With Julie’s expert guidance, you will ‘rock’ that next audition. 

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Julie Friedrich 

Julie Friedrich created and led the college seminar program for over ten years at two premiere arts high schools in California; the Orange County School of  the Arts, and the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. The overwhelming success of her efforts led Francisco Gella Dance Works to add the program to their roster of offerings in 2017. Under the mentorship and guidance of Julie, her students have gone on to study at such schools as USC Kaufman, Juilliard, Boston Conservatory, NYU Tisch, Laban School, and University of Michigan. In 2013, President Obama and the White House named Julie one of the most influential arts teachers in the country for her mentorship of young dancers and her work with numerous winners of the Young Arts Competition.

COLLEGE PREP WORKSHOPS CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: No full refunds will be issued for registered participants. A 50% refund will be issued up to ten days prior to the start of the program. An exception will be made for documented medical or health reasons due to an unforeseen injury or illness. For dancers with an injury or illness, 100% of the tuition will be refunded up to thirty days prior to the start of the program. If the illness or injury reported to the program director is under 30 days, a 50% refund will be issued by check no more than five business days after the completion of the program and the other 50% may be used as a credit for another program in the next twelve months that is produced and owned by Francisco Gella Dance Works. In the case of any injury or illness, a documented note or letter from a licensed physician must be submitted before a refund will be considered.