Jana Monson

Francisco Gella is a remarkable artist.  The students at Creative Arts Academy have had the honor of working with him in private lessons, master classes, and choreography sessions over the past couple of years.  Through our experience with him, Francisco has always exhibited a keen eye for the strengths within each dancer he works with and the ability to capitalize on those strengths through individual lessons and insightful choreography.  Francisco allows his students’ own creative identity to shine through the
works he sets.

Apart from his incredible artistic work, Francisco has proven to be a gifted teacher as he communicates his philosophies regarding art and dance to everyone within whom he interacts.  Francisco has taught our students the importance of taking risks, of believing in ones own talents, and of embracing ones own body for the movement it has to share.  He brings with him such an uplifting spirit that his impact is felt long after he leaves the studio.

We are so grateful for the relationship we have developed with Francisco.  Thanks to his influence, our dancers are stronger, more confident, and more open to new experiences.  We are better as a studio because of him.

Jana Monson
Owner and Artistic Director
Creative Arts Academy