Dale Lam

My name is Dale Lam. I have a pre-professional training dance company. We specialize in contemporary, but also are diverse in many different styles. Our background and history is in ballet. I began training as a child in a ballet school, and my first teaching position was in a ballet school. So ballet is considered the foundation to all dance for Columbia City Jazz Dance Company. I have been awarded the 2015 Outstanding Teacher Award by Dance Teacher Magazine and a current nominated artist for choreography by Jasper Arts Magazine. I am an Ambassador of the Dance Teacher Summit and have been an adjunct dance professor at the University of South Carolina for over 13 years. I have taught students in Singapore, China, Costa Rica, and the US for over 25 years.

Francisco Gella was first introduced to me 3 years ago. I have trained in massage therapy, gyro tonics, body placement, prevention, and strengthening in training dancers so when I met Francisco and watched his class, I knew he had the understanding and knowledge of dance education and dancer’s body that would complimented my own. I invited him to come to my home studio to teach a ballet Workshop and for the past two years he has nurtured, educated, and helped my dancers, my ballet teacher, and myself in improving their techniques. Francisco is so encouraging to even the youngest students. Many teachers have the knowledge but that is only the first step, having the talent to inspire and challenge each student no matter what age or level is an even greater gift. Francisco does this with each student. His enthusiasm in class is infectious! He is so thrilled to share improvements with every teacher or director. Francisco  watches the class carefully and doesn’t proceed too fast. He makes sure that every task is done properly before moving on. I love that about him… going too fast is one of the problems in dance education today. He makes sure the students understand the correction, implement the correction, and lastly are given the encouragement that there is even more range of motion, more balance, more talent than they realize they have if they will just seek it out in their bodies.

He is an incredible ballet teacher, an advisor, a master teacher, and friend. I have been told my company has made a “meteoric rise” in the last 2.5 years… I really believe that my association with Francisco has helped cause that.

I would recommend any studio or company who truly cares about training dancers correctly should invest in commissioning Francisco to teach.

He is very diverse having studied Limon and other modern techniques, plus he is an excellent choreographer. We have commissioned a 6 minutes ballet piece by him.

Dale Lam
Artistic Director
Columbia City Jazz