Wednesday Intensive 7/29/20

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Wednesday, July 29

10 – 11am PDT/1 – 2pm EST

Focus: Ballet Technique

Class: Finding the relationship to musicality through the use of port de bras

Description: Each dancer must root their ballet technique through cohesive musical movement. This class focuses on reinforcing that connection while exploring personal range of motion and expansion through the use of port de bras.

Instructor: Yusha-Marie Sorzano


11am-Noon PDT/2-3pm EST

Focus: Expanding and developing individual creativity

Class: How to create texture within your dancing.

Description: By playing with the musicality, tempos, and way you shade movement, this will create a texture to your dancing that is vital, exciting to watch, and makes you unique in your work. 

Instructor: Julie Friedrich


12-12:15  BREAK


12:15 – 1:15pm PDT/3:!5 – 4:15pm EST

Focus: Improvisation skills and techniques

Class: Improvisation inspired by the Summer Olympics

Description: With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics postponed, this improvisation session will explore movements inspired from different summer Olympic events such as track and field, basketball, synchronized swimming, javelin throw, tae kwon do, etc.  This should be fun, familiar and physically challenging.

Instructor: Francisco Gella

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