Tuesday Intensive 7/28/20

$24.99 USD

Tuesday, July 28

10 – 11am PDT/1 – 2pm EST

Focus: Ballet Technique

Class:  Turnout and rotation

Description: Focusing on proper use of turn out and rotation, which stems from the top of the hips, through the knees, all the way down through your feet. 

This class can be done on pointe or flat. 

Instructor: Julie Friedrich


11am-Noon PDT/2-3pm EST

Focus: Expanding and developing individual creativity

Class: Rediscovering floor work patterns

Description: This class opens up new ways of discovering new floor work patterns and elements.  Using the “x” body position as a starting point, the class implements different geometric shapes and points to allow for the discovery of new patterns, body lines, and movements ascending from the floor and descending to the floor.

Instructor: Francisco Gella


12-12:15  BREAK


12:15 – 1:15pm PDT/3:!5 – 4:15pm EST

Focus: Improvisation skills and techniques

Class: Creating worlds and forms.

Description: Let’s play with the idea of traveling to uncharted territory. This improvisation class is focused on the artist’s ability to transform space and to take the shape of anything that the imagination allows

Instructor: Yusha-Marie Sorzano

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