Saturday Intensive 8/1/20

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Saturday, August 1

10 – 11am PDT/1 – 2pm EST

Focus: Ballet Technique

Class: Getting creative at the ballet barre (part 2)

Description: Exploring even more creative ways to practice exercises at the ballet barre! It’s tricky, it’s fun, and it will challenge your brain and body.

Instructor: Francisco Gella


11am-Noon PDT/2-3pm EST

Focus: Expanding and developing individual creativity

Class: Phrase Building:.

Description: Using physical and emotional images and directives, the class will build a phrase that draws on imagination, emotion, and finding your individual artistry

Instructor: Jeffrey Smith


12-12:15  BREAK


12:15 – 1:15pm PDT/3:15 – 4:15pm EST

Focus: Improvisation skills and techniques

Class: Improvisation inspired by summer outdoor activities

Description: This will allow dancers to creatively explore, celebrating the outdoors, imagining swimming or inner tubing in the river, hiking, mountain climbing, flying a a kite, camping, etc.  How do these movements with these various activities translate to a dance and movement-based vocabulary?  This will take some serious imagination and creativity.

Instructor: Francisco Gella

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