POINTE CLASS (for everyone): The Art of Delicacy

$9.99 USD

Friday, August 27
10am-11am PDT/1pm-2pm EST
Julie Friedrich, Instructor

POINTE CLASS (for everyone): The Art of Delicacy

When you dance on pointe there is the need to feel light, execute the steps in a delicate manner, and look as if you are floating on a cloud. Even though we know it feels like you are at times are standing on a bed of needles, the visual image you project is one of delicacy and ease. This class is designed for pre pointe, pointe, and boys who want to further develop their feet. Class can be taken on pointe or flat shoes.


– The class is recommended for any beginning/intermediate or advanced dancer with a solid, basic understanding of ballet fundamentals.

– A barre or home barre alternative is required.

– If you cannot take this class live, you can register and take the class on your own up until the end of day Monday following this current week of classes. Videos will be available the same evening after the class has been streamed.

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