Monday Intensive 7/27/20

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Monday, July 27 

10 – 11am PDT/1 – 2pm EST

Focus: Ballet Technique

Class: Getting creative at the ballet barre (part 1)

Description: Exploring creative ways to practice exercises at the ballet barre using direction changes, variations in tempo, multifaceted combinations that utilize several different ballet barre steps in one combination. It’s tricky, it’s fun, and it will challenge your brain and body.

Instructor: Francisco Gella


11am-Noon PDT/2-3pm EST

Focus: Expanding and developing individual creativity

Class: Modern/Contemporary Combination: Playing with time and the dimensions of speed.

Description: This combination will engage the body’s ability to move dynamically — offering each dancer the opportunity to play with how time and speed inspire change and possible growth. 

Instructor: Yusha-Marie Sorzano


12-12:15  BREAK


12:15 – 1:15pm PDT/3:!5 – 4:15pm EST

Focus: Improvisation skills and techniques

Class: Creating your own personal toolbox for improvisation.

Description: We will be learning skills that will allow you to create a toolbox of ideas that you can reference while improvising. Please bring a pen and paper to this class. 

Instructor: Julie Friedrich

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