Grand Jeté 2020: Teacher Observation and Development Program


$165.00 USD



Teachers who are involved in a dancer’s training experience at an intensive are able to better integrate learning that takes place outside of the studio within their own classes and curriculum. In this spirit, we are offering a program at Grand Jeté and Petit Jete for teachers to take part in observing classes throughout the four days. We will begin with a luncheon hosted by the artistic directors on the first day to discuss the curricular philosophy for the program and discuss what will be taking place.  Teachers will be able to choose any of the classes they would like to attend on any of the four days. Midway through the four days, we will arrange for teachers to connect with each other by hosting a guided discussion on their own challenges and opportunities as educators. Lastly, the directors will reconvene with the teachers on the last day to debrief on the Grand Jeté experience, with a particular focus on the next steps for continued student progress. We invite you to join our community of learners!