Friday Intensive 7/31/20

$24.99 USD

Friday, July 31

10 – 11am PDT/1 – 2pm EST

Focus: Ballet Technique

Class: Embracing your own potential

Description: We will focus on accessing your full potential, getting the most out of your body, and never apologizing for what you do not have.

Instructor: Julie Friedrich


11am-Noon PDT/2-3pm EST

Focus: Expanding and developing individual creativity

Class: Modern/Contemporary Combination: Speed!

Class Description: By now we’ve addressed that it is not simply about moving fast. It’s fast and slow — but what about stillness? This class will integrate stillness with speed to develop a greater awareness of artistic dynamism.

Instructor: Yusha-Marie Sorzano


12-12:15  BREAK


12:15 – 1:15pm PDT/3:!5 – 4:15pm EST

Focus: Improvisation skills and techniques

Class: The Body Scan

Description: You will be led through imagery and embodied ideas to maximize the potential of every part of the body from the head to the toes. You will apply dynamic ideas to find your full range of movement in places you may not have considered. 

Instructor: Jeffrey Smith

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