Fall Intensive Series – Daily – September – Saturday

$49.00 USD


Ballet Class 

9:00-10:00am Pacific / Noon-1:00pm Eastern

We will focus on the importance of plié relevés to incorporate during pirouettes, small warm-up jumps, and various petit allegro steps.

Modern Class 

10:00-11:00am Pacific / 1:00-2:00pm Eastern 

A dancer’s toolbox is incomplete without Modern Dance Technique. In this class we will focus on knowing how to rebound off the floor from a grounded and low plié position. You’ll learn to utilize the concept of the under curve to help develop a keen sense of weight during transitions and how to release from a fall to the floor with ease and breath. If all of this sounds foreign to you, don’t worry. We will go on the journey together.

Meal Break

11:00-11:30am Pacific / 2:00-2:30pm Eastern 

Contemporary Combination

11:30am-12:30pm Pacific / 2:30-3:30pm Eastern 

Get ready to utilize the word ‘rebound’ literally and figuratively, which can be incorporated in both the music and your movement.


12:30-1:30pm Pacific / 3:30-4:30pm Eastern

A fun combo class that focuses on the energy of the rebound to help with transitions and stylization.


1:30-1:45pm Pacific /4:30-4:45pm Eastern

15 Minute Transition to a virtual social experience led by student dancer Kailey Wood

The All Student Social

1:45-2:30pm Pacific / 4:45-5:30pm Eastern

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$49 per day

Saturday, September 19