Fall Intensive Series – Daily – October – Saturday

$49.00 USD


Ballet Class

9:00-10:00am Pacific / Noon-1:00pm Eastern

At the start of day two, you’ll be challenged to restore your own self-belief, to see that  you can always self-motivate and push for more in your approach during class. You’ll be pushed to improve your turn out, flexibility, endurance, rotation and length of body even when you are physically exhausted – because that’s where you’ll grow by leaps and bounds.

Modern Class

10:00-11:00am Pacific / 1:00-2:00pm Eastern

For many of you, this class will be introducing new concepts. You’ll restore a belief that you can only get better when you learn new material or learn something new about yourself. We will focus on correct technique for a contraction, weighted transition of under curve, and to understand what it truly means to be grounded.

Meal Break

11:00-11:30am Pacific / 2:00-2:30pm Eastern

Movement Phrase Work

11:30am-12:30pm Pacific / 2:30-3:30pm Eastern 

Through the movement introduced in this class, we will focus on ensuring that the combination being taught is specifically defined, adhered to, and performed clearly.  Your understanding of the vital importance of detail will be restored. 

Musical Theater

12:30-1:30pm Pacific / 3:30-4:30pm 

Let’s face it. There have been times in the last months since the pandemic started when you forgot that dance is meant to be fun! This class will restore the idea that dancing isn’t meant to be just hard work, but it can be engaging, quirky, and most of all joyfully exhilarating! 


1:30-1:45pm Pacific / 4:30-4:45pm Eastern 

15 Minute Transition to a virtual social experience led by student dancer Kailey Wood

The All Student Social

1:45-2:30pm Pacific / 4:45-5:30pm Eastern

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$49 per day

Saturday, October 10