Fall Intensive Series – Daily – November – Sunday

$49.00 USD


Ballet Class

9:00-10:00am Pacific / Noon-1:00pm Eastern 

We’ll take the important concepts from Friday’s class, reinventing the way they are communicated to be sure they stick.

Contemporary Fusion

10:00-11:00am Pacific / 1:00-2:00pm Eastern 

Get ready to reinvent the way you apply your technical knowledge to movement that is more commercially contemporary based.  You’ll be encouraged to learn how to fully apply your technical training to your combination work.


11:00-11:45am Pacific / 2:00-2:45pm Eastern

Building a Combination Together

11:45am-12:45pm Pacific / 2:45-3:45pm Eastern 

 We are going to reinvent the way a combination is taught and learned! Instead of coming into class with a prepared combination, the teacher will draw upon the students’ ideas. We’ll start by asking you to say a word and then ask another student to respond and react to that word with movement. We’ll keep repeating this process until a longer phrase is formulated which will then be put to music.  An exciting way to collaborate and become dance makers together!

Closing Session

12:45-1:15pm Pacific / 3:45-4:15pm Eastern 

Wrapping up with everything we all have learned, what we will carry with us from the experience, and how it has changed us in big and small ways. We’ll discuss how you see yourself as a reinvented artist and human being, how this session has changed the way you take class and how it has helped you to be more courageous in taking on challenges.

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$49 per day

Sunday, November 8