Fall Intensive Series – Daily – December – Saturday

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FOCUS FOR SATURDAY: Ballet all-day to renew your appreciation and love for the classical idiom.  The goal of this series of ballet classes is to allow you to fully appreciate the scope of the classical language – its uses, its versatility, and using the vocabulary itself to break from traditional gender norms.

Ballet Class

9:00-10:00am Pacific / Noon-1:00pm Eastern

A traditional and straight-forward ballet class with the instructor focusing on what they see needs special attention and concentrated focus.

‘Men’s Class’ for Everyone

10:00-11:00am Pacific / 1:00-2:00pm Eastern

Yes, the ‘men’s class’ is for the girls and guys both. We will all learn how men traditionally train for ballet to improve athleticism, pirouettes, and jumps.  Drills to emphasize the concept of ‘ballon’ will be implemented, which is what gives ballet men power, suspension, and flight in the air.

Meal Break

11:00-11:30am Pacific / 2:00-2:30pm Eastern

Pointe Class for Everyone (no pointe shoes required)

11:30am-12:30pm Pacific / 2:30-3:30pm Eastern 

All of us want better, more supple feet. In this class we continue the process of challenging traditional gender roles as our pointe class is designed for both the guys and girls to learn how the women train en pointe. We will all obtain a better understanding of lightness, pulling up to exude that lightness, and quick footwork and transitions.

Classical Variations

12:30-1:30pm Pacific / 3:30-4:30pm Eastern 

You’ll learn a particular classical variation or invent a new one that utilizes the steps and concepts of three previous classes.


1:30-1:45pm Pacific / 4:30-4:45pm Eastern 

15 Minute Transition to a virtual social experience led by student dancer Kailey Wood

The All Student Social

1:45-2:30pm Pacific / 4:45-5:30pm Eastern

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$49 per day

Saturday, December 12