Ballet Technique: Focusing on Intention and Breath to Strengthen and Nourish

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10am – 11am Pacific/1pm – 2pm Eastern 

Ballet Technique: Focusing  on Intention and Breath to Strengthen and Nourish 

Ballet requires the utmost attention to placement and precision but it is strengthened by unclouded intention and purposeful breath. Here we will investigate the balance amongst these four approaches through an artful merging of them at the barre and in center.

Yusha-Marie Sorzano, Instructor

11am – 12pm Pacific/2pm – 3pm Eastern 

Ballet Conditioning: Strengthening our Body, Nourishing our Spirit 

This class will focus on exercises to strengthen the inner thighs, lengthen the hamstrings, and connecting the legs to the hips and core.  The class concludes with a series of dynamic stretches that will help elongate the hips, legs and feet. By more fully feeling our bodies, we will fuel our spirit with knowing what we are capable of.

Francisco Gella, Instructor

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