BALLET CLASS: Utilizing Turn Out (all the time)

$8.99 USD

Monday, December 14
3-4pm PDT/6-7pm EST
Francisco Gella, Instructor

BALLET CLASS: Utilizing Turn Out (all the time)

This class explores how one can use their rotational capacity to its fullest potential in the most effective and consistent way possible according to your body type. The class will also teach dancers how to push their turn out capacity when ready, realizing when to push for more when the body is stronger, ready, and more conditioned.


– The class is recommended for any beginning/intermediate or advanced dancer with a solid, basic understanding of ballet fundamentals.

– A barre or home barre alternative is required.

– If you cannot take this class live, you can register and use the class until the next Monday following this current week of classes. Videos will be available by the next day after the class has been streamed.

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