Spring Ballet and Modern Master Classes: Albuquerque, NM

Event Details:
  • Spring Ballet and Modern Classes
    May 16, 2017

    - Ballet Intermediate/Advanced - Ages 10-13 3:30-5pm Boys/Mens Ballet Intermediate/Advanced - Ages 10-22 5:30-7pm Ballet Intermediate/Advanced - Ages 14-22 7:30-9pm

Event Phone: 213-926-3861

A SPECIAL SPRING DANCE EVENT! A tune-up for year-end recitals and summer intensives

Join master teacher and choreographer Francisco Gella for his transformative ballet and modern classes open to the entire New Mexico Dance Community in  Albuquerque, NM at the New Mexico Dance Academy.  Francisco recently relocated to make Santa Fe, NM his primary home and he’s excited to begin relationships with all of the aspiring and talented dancers here.

Limited space is available for the two classes he will be teaching. The following classes are for male and female intermediate/advanced dancers.

Ballet (based on Vaganova and Francisco’s transformative teaching methods)

Intermediate/Advanced – Ages 10 and up


Ballet (Limon Technique)

Intermediate/Advanced – Ages 10 and up


For the purposes of these classes, ‘Intermediate/Advanced’ is roughly defined as a student preprofessional having danced for at least one year in a studio as a company  member with a minimum of 2 of ballet classes per week and 10 hours total weekly of dance classes, or enrolled in a conservatory setting with at least six hours of ballet a week and a minimum of 10 hours of total weekly dance classes.

HAIR AND DRESS FOR BALLET CLASS:  GIRLS – Any style black or white leotard with pink tights. If you would like to bring your pointe shoes along with ballet slippers, please do. But it is NOT a requirement.  GUYS – Any style black or white fitted shirt with black tights. Students should make an effort to maintain a neat and tidy appearance. Long hair should be worn in a bun and short hair pulled away from the face. 

DRESS FOR MODERN CLASS: Girls and Guys may wear their ballet attire with socks or ballet slippers, or change into shorts, sweats, and tank tops/tees. 

Arrive early for stretching and warm-up. For questions, please email masterclasses@franciscogelladance.com or call 213-926.3861.