A Dance Experience For Your WHOLE SELF.

Francisco Gella DANCE WORKS

Students, teachers, and parents

Our world-class teaching artists, field experts, and facilitators led by Francisco Gella, invite you to join this unique, LIFE experience that will transform your practice and evolution as a dancer, teacher or director.

This is the type of immersive and holistic training that professional dancers WISH that they would have had early on in their career preparation. And this platform gives educators what they have been asking for - fresh tools and inspiration to fuel their spirit and innovation.

For $199/year, you’ll have exclusive access to premium, comprehensive instruction that fills in the gaps of what you are learning in studio, with what you should be learning as a dance professional-in-training...

This WHOLE dance experience encompasses:


The perfect mix of inspiration and having something to aspire toward, makes for a more whole and complete dance experience. It’s what keeps the fire alive when dance becomes challenging. We know how easy it can be to give up on your dreams when it gets hard; we also know how it feels when we regret not pushing ourselves past our fears and our perceived limitations. We’ll inspire students to leave it all on the floor; giving them the tools that they need in order to keep their goals and dreams in view at all times, and to remember the reward of accomplishment that each sacrifice brings. For parents, we’ll remind you to challenge your child in a loving and supportive way. And for teachers, we’ll provide a set of tools that will allow you to better understand how to keep your students progressing with the necessary inspiration to keep them going. 


Witnessing the mind, body, and soul connectedness of a dancer is an extraordinarily powerful phenomena. Connecting it all together takes intention and focus. Learn techniques and a mindset that will support you in building confidence, embracing your uniqueness as your best asset, and turning your weaknesses into strengths. By focusing on  feeding the innate fire inside of you, you’ll become the artist, human being, and teacher that the world has been waiting to see.

Strength & Flexibility

While strength and flexibility go hand in hand, it is often hard to understand how to build one AND the other. Francisco (and his team) will be regularly sharing proven tips and exercises for you to practice that will safely and effectively target specific muscle groups. With clear, expert instruction and our practice techniques and modifications, you’ll be adding on to the already extraordinary work that you are doing at your home school, conservatory or studio. .

Community & Teamwork

While dance can be extremely competitive and can sometimes feel lonely as a result, it actually takes a village to create a brilliant dancer. We accept the responsibility to curate a community of like-minded, hard-working, talented dancers and dance professionals whose progress is driven by their ability to grow collectively and generously share experiences. By providing the extra emotional, artistic and technical support that is too often missing in dance instruction, we believe that more young artists from diverse backgrounds will be able to pursue their dreams.

Creativity & Artistry

There are highly effective methods that you can access to tap into your inner creator. It takes practice and work to build the confidence needed to improv or create your own work for an audition or for class, so that you’ll be prepared after having built up those creative muscles. We’ll provide proven tools and techniques to help you rise to the occasion when asked to show the world what’s in your heart through the language spoken by your body.

Dance History & Culture

Understanding the evolution of dance is key to becoming a professional dancer or teacher, or simply to better appreciate your training experience.  Unfortunately, these lessons are often not taught to young artists. We’ll take on the task of telling stories, providing information about some of the most influential dancers and moments in history, and diving into the diverse cultural influences on dance - all of which will support you as you take instruction or learn choreography from a broad range of artists, participate in auditions, or prepare your curriculum for class. 

Your Voice/Your Brand

When you are in the grind, working day in and day out training, it can be difficult to focus on identifying the artist you are becoming. It’s really important to take that time to explore, identify and then embrace your own authentic voice. Beginning to mold your ‘brand’ as you start to become more known and grow in your career is essential. We’ll provide guidance on what developing a strong voice and building a professional ‘brand’ looks like so that you are prepared for whichever path you choose in dance and are setup for success.

Joy & purpose

The pace of life in modern times often bring more stress on a daily basis. Even students feel it - frequently overwhelmed with AP/Honors classes, higher expectations, or just by looking at all the screens they stare at every day. With the support of Dance 360, students - as well as teachers and parents - can really learn to embrace something new or be reminded of something they once felt but have lost.  Dance can communicate many ideas and feelings but behind all of it should be joy.. At the heart of Dance 360 is a commitment to foster and maintain joy in our dancing and our teaching.

You see, our ultimate goal is to set you up for success. Period.

Whether you are a teacher that is looking for new and innovative ways to push your young dancers to new heights, or a parent trying to understand the journey of a dancer, this program will better equip you and create a nurturing and safe space for you to ask questions, and participate in a way that you can get support from a more informed and involved place.

and this is just the beginning 
there is much more we will
explore with you.

Our students have gone on to pursue their dreams and have been accepted into educational institutions including:

  • Juilliard
  • USC - Kaufman School
  • SUNY Purchase
  • Dominican University/LINES Ballet
  • University of Arizona
  • UCLA
  • Laban School
  • Fordham University/Ailey
  • University of Michigan
  • Marymount Manhattan
  • NYU Tisch
  • Pace University
  • Cal State Long Beach
  • University of California-Irvine
  • Chapman University
  • Point Park University
  • Laban School
  • North Carolina School of the Arts
  • Cal Arts

Others have gone on to perform and train with:

  • Hubbard Street Dance 
  • Nederlans Dans Theatre 
  • Batsheva 
  • Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 
  • Aspen Santa Fe Ballet 
  • Charlotte Ballet
  • Richmond Ballet 
  • Trisha Brown Dance 
  • Dance Umbrella 
  • American Dance Festival 
  • Jacob’s Pillow 
  • Springboard

Our teaching, mentorship and guidance has made a powerful impact on these dancers’ lives, but we have been challenged as we were only able to help those that were able to make it into our studios or intensives for face-to-face training.

This is why now, we’re bringing the same training and mentorship to this premium, exclusive community - 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world - so that we may continue to provide even more dancers and dance professionals with the information, motivation, and inspiration that they need in order to grow. 

Our format for instruction includes:

In the near future we’ll be offering very specific PREMIUM training modules that are self-paced and will contain hours of extremely valuable content. These trainings will be separate from our community, but will be specific to our mission of being able to provide valuable information and experiences to people around the world that may not be able to make it into our studios to work with us directly.

  • LIVE Q&A Trainings
  • Recorded Instruction
  • New Content Added & Archived Every Week 
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Videos and in-community feedback and interaction with Francisco, himself, our faculty, field experts, and special guests.

Your facilitators and guides will be artist-educators, content and field experts, and thought leaders including:

Francisco Gella - Pedagogy, Teaching Philosophy, Motivation & Inspiration, Spirituality in Dance, Mentorship, Choreography Composition

Yusha Marie Sorzano - Pedagogy, Spirituality in Dance, Dance Careers, Diversity & Inclusion in Dance, Mentorship, Choreography Composition

Julie Shulman Friedrich - Pedagogy, College Preparation, Dance Careers, Mentorship, Choreography Composition

Jeffrey Alan Hoffman - Dance Business Strategy, Marketing, Student Development, Teaching Philosophy

Wilson Mendieta - Dance Careers, College Preparation

Sue Sampson-Dalena - Pedagogy, Leadership, Studio Management, Curriculum

​Diego Salterini

Dr. Daniel DeLucchi

And many more to be announced soon…...

And for what it’s worth, when you participate in ongoing HOLISTIC dance instruction, and you commit to spending a short amount of time each week focusing on your mind, body, AND soul… all of the building blocks that create phenomenal dancers, you’ll be light years ahead of many of those that you train with on a regular basis. You’ll be less confused and more prepared.

For Teachers...

that are looking to transform the experience of their young dancers, and provide more effective instruction that nourishes their body, mind, and soul, you will find that your students are more confident and more willing to push themselves further than they ever thought possible. When the mindset of the studio grows, the results follow suit. If you are looking to bring this teaching approach to your students, then this is the community for you.

For Parents...

a dancer that is focusing on themselves as a

WHOLE BEING is more confident, grounded, resilient, empathic and committed. They are able to take on challenges with more grace and ease, both inside and outside of dance. The WHOLE dance experience will not only transform the way that they dance, it will transform how they relate to the world around them.

For Students...

​if you feel like you’re behind, need a more multidimensional approach to training and need added support, and taking additional classes isn’t an option, we highly suggest this community which will help you fill in the gaps in your current training.


So you’ll have a forum to ask questions, and get the guidance that you need. You’ll have opportunities to give us feedback, and we’ll do what we can to make sure that you get exceptional value out of your experience within the community.

If you’re ready to join our exclusive community, we’re letting the first 200 people in at $99 for the entire year! Hurry so you don’t miss out on this introductory offer.

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