Mentoring Dancers Into Their Destiny

Learn Why Mentors Are So Important For Your Dance Career

Guest Authors: Sue Sampson-Dalena, Owner/Artistic Director, and Martha Allen, Office Manager, of The Dance Studio of Fresno

I was honored to be asked to share my thoughts on the importance of mentoring dancers with Francisco Gella Dance Works. As a studio owner and teacher for 38 years, I have enjoyed great success, taught more classes and team rehearsals, and mentored many more great dancers, than I could have ever imagined. We now have two and three generations of families dancing at our studio, as we have grandparents who danced here bringing their grandchildren in for classes.  

Photo courtesy of The Dance School of Fresno

As I began my dance journey, I did not enjoy having a mentor per se… although my mother has always been an outstanding role model as both a parent and a business owner. Therefore, my expertise in dance is the result of trial and error, dreams, innovation, continuing education, and the inspiration of others in the dance world.

My Journey to Mentorship

While teaching is phenomenally fulfilling and profitable, there has to be more. This is not just a business – it is my life’s work. I want to “go deeper” to see dance change the lives of those open to the journey. I long for students to find their own fulfillment in this world of ongoing challenges and creativity. To satisfy that longing, I mentor those who are willing to dream with me. Mentoring has become a large part of who I am, and I hope it is part of my future legacy.

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