Creating Dance To Take You From The Studio To The Performance Stage

Be in command of your performance…

By Julie Friedrich, Associate Director for College and Career Programs

“To enter a theatre for a performance is to be inducted into a magical space, to be ushered into the sacred arena of the imagination.”
Simon Callow

As a 7 year old child my mother took me to see Don Quixote in Los Angeles with American Ballet Theatre (ABT). I was completely captivated by the dancing, costumes, lights, and sets. Most of all, I was mesmerized by the allure of the stage and the wonderful performance. Dance stole my heart.

Some experiences change you, or plant a seed that grows over time. I remember this moment as if it was yesterday. This performance was a defining moment in my life that I can point to as the start of my long dance journey. 

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Preprofessional Dancers… Job or College?

It’s time to choose a path

By Julie Friedrich, Associate Director for College and Career Programs

Upon graduation from high school, dancers are often forced to choose between going to college and pursuing a job at the professional level. A career in dance is short and often begins at a young age, some choose to put college on hold and wait until after their career is over to begin a college education. But, in today’s world, there are many viable options for dancers wanting to become professional performers. More and more dancers are choosing to educate themselves first while still dancing, and then make the leap into the professional world after completing their BFA or BA. In the end, each dancer must choose the best path to meet their own goals and satisfy their own welfare. There are so many pros and cons to consider on this subject. Our goal is to equip students and parents with information so that they can choose the path that best suits them as an individual and embrace the opportunities that come their way.

The Pro Argument for Attending College

It is imperative to understand why a dance degree at the BFA or BA level is of great benefit.  An undergraduate degree, or even a graduate degree if one so chooses, is extremely beneficial to have in today’s workforce, whether or not you choose to perform professionally.  To teach in all academic and university settings; to educate, choreograph, direct, the list goes on and on, you will be required to show that you have a degree.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but a very large majority of working artists do have a college education in their art field. In reality, it is very rare for students graduating from high school to go immediately into a company. In the ballet world this happens occasionally, and in the contemporary world this rarely ever occurs at all. I’ve seen it happen, but after over ten years of teaching, I can count those students who have successfully made that transition on one hand.

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The Art of Properly Using your Turnout

The issue of improperly using your turnout and over-rotating in the feet is a worldwide issue

Written By Julie Friedrich, Associate Director for College and Career Programs, Francisco Gella Dance Works

As a teacher, I see this on a daily basis. As someone who has sustained a major knee injury and had major reconstructive surgery as a result, I am adamant that students use turnout from the proper placement and do not over rotate.  

I am grateful that I had a teacher who demanded using turnout from the proper place. This emphasis on proper alignment in the body is crucial to being an injury-free dancer. I remained injury-free until I was 17 years old – while dancing full time, all day long. In today’s environment, I am seeing too many young dancers with injuries that could easily be prevented by maintaining proper alignment and not over-stressing the body by forcing it into positions that are not suited to their anatomy.

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