Standing Out As A Dance Performer

Dance can be a powerful, life changing art form… when your audience feels it deeply.

By Francisco Gella, Chief Creative Officer

“To stand out as a dance performer, you must first stand out as a human being we can believe and relate to. You have to be real.”
– Francisco Gella

I never would have been a dancer if it hadn’t been for one spectacular dance performance in 1992.

During the spring quarter of my freshman year at the University of Washington, I was struggling. I was bored solving mundane math problems in my differential equations class – the same type of left-brained work I was doing in most of my major-required classes. I was accepted into the university on a full academic scholarship with the intent of majoring in Aerospace Engineering (it pleased my parents). Too many late nights of studying forced me to question whether I wanted to spend the rest of my life building planes and spacecraft. As it turned out, I WAS interested in making things; I hadn’t yet discovered just how different those creations would be from my field of study at the time. “Taking flight” would take on an entirely different meaning for me.

Being done with something frees up space to fill that emptiness with things that matter to you. 

– Francisco Gella

I began to explore other classes at the encouragement of an academic advisor. It turned out that one of the first, an Art 101 class, excited my innate sense of curiosity. Soon after that I took my first formal dance class – ever. I registered for Dance 101. I grew up training in gymnastics, so I loved the idea of doing something physical. My right brain was having an awakening that semester: I knew I couldn’t continue on the path toward becoming an engineer.

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